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There's a unique feel and atmosphere to Prairie Sky. It's the combination of a pretty piece of land, excellent facilities, and a collection of people whose focus is your comfort, safety and satisfaction. If we're doing things right you'll find yourself completely unplugged, for a few days anyway, from that business back home.


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Waterfowl Hunting at Prairie Sky

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Prairie Sky Waterfowl HuntingWaterfowl hunters all know that nothing is ever guaranteed, (that’s part of the attraction), and you have to start by going where the birds are. Few if any lodges can match the geography of Prairie Sky. Thousands of potholes combine with food resources and nesting cover to make our area an absolute waterfowl factory. Proximity to the Tewaukon and Sand Lake National Refuges put us in the midst of the annual migration. Our professional waterfowl guides are fully equipped to hunt potholes or fields to keep you in the action. Hunting finished ducks over decoys with a professional guide and quality dogs is something that has to be experienced.

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We've been called South Dakota's number one waterfowl camp. Come and be a part of it.

Prairie Sky Ranch Waterfowl Hunts

“We had so much fun last year that we came back for more ducks in the morning, pheasants in the afternoon and drinks and dinner at night. Robert was our guide. We shot 2 short of our limit this morning and bagged 6 mallards, a bunch of ring necks, and a beautiful drake. We nailed 20 pheasants this afternoon.”
- Lauren
Prairie Sky Guest & Game Ranch, Veblen, South Dakota USA.  Hunting Photos by Lee Thomas Kjos.  All prices are subject to change and do not include applicable taxes.

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